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Testimonials from Past and Present Callers
Below is a list of some testimonials from past and present people who have worked for Brighten as a caller and their experience in working with Brighten.
"I was hesitant when I applied for a position with Brighten because of all the work from home scams out there, but I am now in my 5th year working here, and I love it, and would recommend it to anyone with drive and phone skills."
Barbara A.
Houston, Texas
"Brighten was a great place to work. They were fair, paid on time, and I would recommend them anyone looking for a legitimate work from home position."
Michelle F.
Riverside, California
"My husband was diagnosed with a serious medical condition that prevented him from working. We thank God that he is improving and that I was able to find a “real” work from home job meanwhile, that paid nicely and provided a stable second income. Brighten Communications claimed I would not have to pay anything up front, would get my check quickly (now I’m on direct deposit which I love), would only make business to business calls (much easier than calling residences), and would have steady work as long as I did my part (secret for me is quickly and accurately dial a page for an hour and then go do something else for 5-10 minutes then back to a strong hour of dialing again). I love it here and highly recommend Brighten Communications over any other call from home job I ever came across."
Karen M.
Concord, New Hampshire
"I have worked for several telemarketing companies over the years, and Brighten was by far the most flexible, fair, and enjoyable to work for..."
Neil P.
Boulder, Colorado
"Brighten Communications has been my employer now for over 3 years and everything has gone very smooth. Never a late paycheck. Never a problem that we couldn’t fix. The calling projects they provide are very professional and often enjoyable."
Jennifer A.
Jacksonville, Florida
"I am a work from home mom with twin boys who keep me busy. I chose Brighten because they allow me to use my phone skills, earn a predictable hourly wage, and do work for excellent companies. The variety of types of projects I have worked on, have made my job at Brighten challenging and exciting. "
Mary M.
Naperville, Illinois
"Brighten is a great company to work for. I love having the flexibility to set my own hours, and yet make extra income for my family. When I was first hiring, I found things on the internet warning me about work from home jobs, but Brighten has been straight forward and honest from the beginning. They are the real deal, which is hard to find these days. "
Phyllis W.
Norfolk, Virginia
"I’ve been here going on 6 years now and love the freedom, the flexibility, the accurate and timely pay, and of course the people. Anyone who wants to work from home doing reputable, worthy, well paid calling can’t beat the job here at Brighten Communications"
Jackyln W.
Loganville, Georgia
"I've tried the rebate processing, the mystery shopper, and a couple other work from home 'opportunities' that promise you'll be paid well for your efforts, only to find out it's impossible to make a decent hourly pay. Brighten has been the only one that is upfront and honest about what you'll get paid, and they keep their word. Althought I have since gone back to work full time in my previous career, I would definitely recommend Brighten Communications to anyone looking for a part time or legitimate work from job."
Tom G .
Springfield, Missouri